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Sunday, March 20, 2011

How Ya' Bean?

I have always loved the smell of coffee brewing, even though I didn't start drinking coffee until about 6 months ago. I also like coffee stamps/images and all those fun coffee-themed sentiments found in the stamping world. Therefore I was excited to see that A Muse Studio has a great coffee stamp set called The Perfect Blend.

The cup in the set reminds me of my favorite guilty pleasure - Starbucks! The sentiment I used is fun, too - How Ya' Bean?

I wanted to try out some more of my new A Muse products, so I used a polka dot stamp to provide some unique inking to the front of the card. I also used a small piece of the A Muse Polka Dot designer paper to give some color to the card front. Isn't it cheerful?

The Washi tape is such a fun product. I was able in stamp the sentiment onto it, it did take quite a while for the ink to dry, though. And I just wanted a rugged/torn look so I just ripped the piece of Washi tape and adhered it to the front of the card.

I added some buttons that I had (although A Muse does sell buttons, I don't own any of them - YET!) to give some depth and a variety of color to my card.

Here's the inside of my card:

The sentiment is from the A Muse Essential Elements stamp set

I wanted to try adding ink to the edges of my card, so I did - both inside and out with French Roast ink. I also sponged some Bubblegum ink onto the area where I then stamped the sentiment for some added color.

Speaking of sponging, let me show you my sponging kit that I'm making. So far, the only colors I have in it are Bubblegum and French Roast.

I purchased a package of 12 sponges for a dollar at a yard sale last summer. I am in the process of cutting them into 6 pieces each and I add a handle (white cardstock stapled onto the piece of sponge) so that I can easily hold onto the sponge while inking and sponging onto my projects. I write the ink color onto the handle for easy reference.

The plastic storage case is one that I had from my old system of storing my earrings. It is perfect for my sponge kit.

Now for a final thought, I recently read this statement and thought you might like it...
FOREVER: Time it takes to brew the first pot of coffee in the morning.

Images & Sentiments: A Muse Essential Elements (page 76 in catalog), Polka Dot Patterns (page 75 in catalog), and The Perfect Blend (page 61 in catalog)
Ink: A Muse Bubblegum (page 85 in catalog) and French Roast (page 86 in catalog)
Cardstock: A Muse French Roast (page 86 in catalog)
Designer Paper: Polka Dot (page 88 in catalog)
Embellishments: A Muse Washi Tape (page 84 in catalog), and buttons sewn on with crochet thread (vendor unknown)


  1. Jeanette, I love the card, but I love the great idea about the sponges. I have a similar "kit" those not marked clearly and I never thought of adding a "handle". Thanks for the ideas, and the card is great. I think my favorite part is the polka dot stamped on the card base. It's great.

  2. How cute!! I'm ROFL at your favorite guilty pleasure - yep, guilty as charged here - daily! :) It's one one happy vice in a world of choas, lol. This is cute. I haven't sponged in forever but this came out nice!

  3. Cute card Jeanette, I love the sponge storage idea!

  4. Jeanette, lovely card, love that you are sponging with ink, I love DTP stuff. Love the ink storage idea, I might pinch that, I am such a grott!!!

  5. Great card, love the comment about forever and your sponge organization--I too am starting to do that with some of my colors.

  6. For crying out loud - lookie at your organized sponges! They have handles! Great idea. Mine are just in a little snack ziplocks with the color name written on the bag. Uneventful!

    Oh yeah, your card is too, too cute!